Pink Floyd by Barrie Wentzell

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Photographer: Barrie Wentzell

Edition: 50

Date: 1970

"Syd Barrett in the Pink Floyd office London trying to endure an interview. Syd looked a lot better than the last time I photographed him when he locked us in a small room and seemed to be suffering with a paranoia that “‘THEY’ were out to get me!’ ‘Who are THEY?” I asked. I never did find out. Syd was less crazy in this picture and he’d had his hair cut short, he was planning a tour but it never happened. I believe he still lives at home in Cambridge and is occasionally spotted roaming the streets, so sad to see all that talent eclipsed by who knows what, but at least we have his magical/ maniacal music to play if ever we think we’ve hit zero."

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Print Quality: Museum Quality Fibre Print on Ilford warm tone paper from the original negative.

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