Oasis by Jill Furmanovsky

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Photographer: Jill Furmanovsky - courtesy of Rockarchive UK
Location: Music Bank London
Edition: 30
Date: May 1997

Oasis were rehearsing at the Music Bank, a regular haunt before tours. There is a flat roof on top of the building which overlooks a grid of railways lines heading to and from London Bridge. For some unknown reason, Liam took pleasure in giving his famous two finger salute to trains speeding past. When Oasis, well Liam in particular, offended the United States in the late 1990's and early 2000's, they took it personally. There was no need. Liam offends all nations and creeds equally including his nearest and dearest. Bless him!

Print Quality: 20x16 inch museum quality fibre print printed on Ilford warm tone paper from the original negative.

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