Eric Clapton by Patrick Harbron

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Photographer: Patrick Harbron

Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto

Edition: Limited

Date: April 9, 1978

"Eric Clapton has always earned the reputation as a one of the top guitarists and composers in rock music. To keep himself fresh as a musician he was not afraid to change up the personnel he played with. In the mid-70’s he recorded and toured with a band that came from Tulsa, Oklahoma that included George Terry, Jamie Oldaker, Marcy Levy, Carl Radle and Dick Sims. This was his band during the ‘Slowhand’ tour. Pictured above, Clapton is playing ‘Blackie’, one of his favorite touring guitars. In 2004 Christies auctioned it for 959,500.00 making it one of the most expensive guitars ever sold."

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