Ed Sirrs

Born Edinburgh 1945 - ex fine art academic, audio recording engineer, and serial drop-out, prior to an incarnation as three chord photographer for Sounds in 1989, followed by an over-long spell with rapidly decaying NME. With zero aspiration to fourth chord career photography, and an aversion to studios, marketing departments, and cosmetic control, he was exclusively there for the hand-held hit-and-run coalface experience, and sweated intensively for several years in innumerable pits from Tokyo to Tijuana. The subsequent ringside view of a great art form nose-diving irreversibly into the toilet eventually transformed a passion into mere meager employment, and after enduring the embarrassing Britpop years, and being obliged to shoot Catatonia too many times, he gradually withdrew with a broken heart, and began to concentrate on three chord movie making instead.
Ed Sirrs
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