Bob Marley by Jill Furmanovsky

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Photographer: Jill Furmanovsky - Courtesy of Rockarchive, UK
Location: Gloucester Road, London
Edition: 30
Date: February 1978

"Holed up in a rented apartment in London. I deleted his spliff from my pictures in case it got him into trouble later, but you can see it in his expression. Taking pictures quickly in hotel rooms was one of the skills a rock photographer had to master. We didn't take assistants or lighting other than a flash gun, and our status was lower then than that of the journalists. Known as 'snappers', we had to snap quickly! We therefore became expert at making the best of available light. Bob has his head held back in my picture because the ceiling light was my main light source. "

Print Quality: Museum Guality Fibre Print on Ilford Warm Tone Paper from the Original Negative.

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