Gord Downie


Photographer: Bobby Singh

Location: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON

Date: 2016

"The Tragically Hip embarked on what was unofficially billed their last tour in the summer of 2016. This photograph was taken during their show in Hamilton at the former Copps Coliseum. As expected it was an emotionally charged, bittersweet evening. Sold-out crowd, Hip fans of all ages, sharing road stories, grown men welling up with tears. Seeing one of Canada’s iconic bands play their hearts out on their victory lap. The band, awash in white floods from behind played in close formation on the front of the stage. Rob Baker, Paul Langlois, Gord Sinclair and Johnny Fay surrounded Gord Downie, never taking their eyes off him for a minute. 3 songs went by in an instant but I’m grateful to have had been there, once again, to witness The Hip."

Print Size: 20x26

Framed: Yes

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