Reuben and the Dark


Photographer: Neil Van

Location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Date: October 2014

Size: 20x24

Framed: Yes

“I first saw Reuben playing solo at Fieldtrip 2014 at the kiddie stage, as I missed the band's initial stage set, and was mesmerized and captivated by his voice and his songs that I had almost missed shooting one of the headlining acts at the main stage, The Constantines. At the time, I didn't know who he was and had to ask one of the crowd members who was playing. From that moment, I've been a big fan of his work. There is certain immediacy, emotional honesty, cinematic appeal to their music, and his vocals just fits with his sound, and I like that a lot. Another amazing part of the experience is seeing their live performance; their ability to connect with the crowd and be present and vulnerable is humbling. I think that's what artist/musicians or good ones try to do, and this encapsulates Reuben and the Dark.”

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