Pete Townshend by Pete Post


Photographer: Pete Post

Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto

Date: December 11th, 1975.

"Townsend stopped drinking at the start of this tour and began consuming Mr. Wong’s herbal tea. From his book Who I AmTownsend says that drinking the tea made him feel like superman and noted that “My stage work at the end of1975 was, according to most reviews, exemplary, fueled by Dr. Wong’s tea rather than Cognac.”.

I’d seen The Who once before in Montreal in 1973 but was sitting half way back on the floor so photographing that show had been impossible. At this concert in the Gardens I had a great seat really close to the stage. I took several shots of Townsend in the air but the rowdy Toronto crowd made an unobstructed shot difficult. It takes a moment looking at this shot to appreciate the height of his jump but you can really feel the energy emanating from Townsend from the various elements of the shot including the exuberant look on his face.

The #1 Maple Leaf jersey cements the Toronto connection."

Print Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

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