Trophy Eyes by Ryley Remedios


The Forum - Melbourne, Australia 

October 2018 

 "It was their fourth show on their biggest headline tour to date. It was my first show at this iconic venue. Trophy Eyes would become my favourite band to photograph to this date. The first three songs went by fast and then I found myself standing to the side of the pit, opposite to the security guards, just enough behind the barrier, and safely beside the mosh pit in the crowd. I couldn’t stop watching the antics that were happening on stage, so I stayed as close as I could. The whole set was intense and full of energy and then frontman, John Floreani, disregarded any equipment he was attached to as he climbed the barrier and dove into the crowd, belting at the top of his lungs. As the crowd pushed him back toward the stage, security guards came to his rescue to get him back safely. That’s when I lifted my camera above my head, tucked it around the other side of the barrier and hoped for the best. As he made it back onto the stage, wires were tangled, mic packs and ear monitors were lost and it took a good few minutes in between songs to recover from that stunt. Trophy Eyes was having the time of their lives. And so was I." 

11x14 Framed Image - $100.00 

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