The Rolling Stones - Framed 12x18 Image

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Photographer: Brad LeMee

Location: Oshawa Civic Auditorium

Date: April 22, 1979

"In February of 1977, while staying at the Harbour Castle Hilton in Toronto, Keith Richards was busted by the RCMP and charged with possession of heroin for the purpose of trafficking. After seeking treatment for his addiction in the United States on a special medical visa, the charges against him were reduced to simple possession of heroin. Richards was tried in a Toronto courtroom in October of 1978, where he pled guilty and was given a suspended sentence with one years probation and ordered to "give a special performance at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind" within six months. It was then on Sunday, April 22, 1979, that Keith Richards appeared in two shows at a small Oshawa hockey arena with the Rolling Stones and the New Barbarians to satisfy the terms and conditions of his criminal conviction. I remember seeing lots of Rolling Stones fans that day with white canes and I'm not convinced they were all blind. I had a ticket for the second of two shows and it remains the loudest concert I have ever attended in my life."

Print Size: 12x18

Framed: Yes

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