Red Hot Chili Peppers by Catherine McGann

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Photographer: Catherine McGann
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York
Edition: 100
Date: August 1992

"This shoot was unbelievably stressful, as calm as this photo appears. I was supposed to shoot Flea together with Bootsy Collins for Guitar World magazine while the Red Hot Chili Peppers were in New York playing Madison Square Garden in August of 1992. Bootsy canceled at the last minute; Flea arrived two hours late and announced: "I'm sick. Don't ask me to do anything." With this in mind, we went to his hotel room where he promptly took to his bed. I shot for a while and left him to it. In retrospect, I really love this shot: I expected him to be jumping on the bed like a madman, but this captures a more human, real moment of life on the road"

Print Quality: Archival Digital Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle Paper

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