July Talk


Photographer: David McDonald

Location: 102.1 The Edge Studios, Toronto, ON

Date: August 16, 2016

Days away from the launch July Talk’s 2016 world tour they performed a showcase at the studios of 102.1 The Edge. The band was pumped, not just for the impending tour but also to be playing live for a radio station that has supported them for years in front of a couple of hundred listeners. This shot is one of “those” absolute flukes that turns out to be the best thing you take all day. There were so many listeners in the room that after I moved from my initial location it was hard to get to the front again to have a clear line of sight. I was forced to improvise and simply raised my camera far over the heads and hands in front of me and took several shots in Peter’s general direction… Virtually all of them were useless, they were framed poorly or just a motion blur… Until I saw this one! Peter’s clear joy of playing and his involvement with the song and the moment are inherent in his expression, this shot sings to me.

Print Size: 20x24

Framed: Yes

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