Jeff Buckley by Kevin Cummins

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Photographer: Kevin Cummins - courtesy of Rockarchive UK
Location: Toulouse, France
Edition: 100
Date: February 1995

"Buckley had a cold and his management were reluctant to let him be photographed outdoors. They were also reluctant to let me photograph him unless I signed my life away, i.e. you can photograph our artiste if you hand over the copyright to us etc.etc. I refused - although I offered them the option to buy the session off me. This was obviously an alien concept to them. They wanted it for free. I decided to go home. Meanwhile Buckley was getting colder and colder and in the end they withdrew their threats - just as the cab I’d ordered to take me back to the airport arrived. By now it was dark and I had to rig up some outdoor lighting - Buckley waited patiently then once I started shooting he was totally professional. The resulting session, considering all the earlier antagonism, resulted in a collection of photographs that I still consider to be among my best work."

Print Quality: Archival Digital Fine-Art print on Hahnemühle paper.

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