David Bowie by Markus Klinko

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Photographer: Markus Klinko

Shot during the session for the cover of Heathen was released in 2002.

"David was very eager to get it all set up as quickly as possible and to shoot within a couple days. He returned to my studio the next day, and brought a series of early Man Ray images that he was very interested in referencing in some way or another. He wanted to be styled in Forties’s suits and get into the character of a blind man. At that time, most of my work was very colourful, but David was profoundly visionary and believed that it would be interesting for me to produce a series of mainly black and white album images, as well as some colour images for press.

He is one of the most photogenic stars ever, and almost every single shot looked incredible. Bowie knew exactly what poses and expressions to do in order to portray the character we discussed. He was very carefree and fun to shoot."

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