Charles Bradley


Photographer: Devin McLean

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Date: July 2012

"It rains a lot in Halifax. On the night of this show in July of 2012, it was relentless. Before the set, over the sound of the crowd’s mounting excitement and people clamouring for a better view, you could hear the rain flooding off the top of the modestly sized event tent pummelling the pavement below. I had never heard of Charles Bradley and his Extraordinary’s before this show, but after this performance it sparked a deep love of his music and soul music in general in me.

This photo was captured 15 minutes into his encore performance. Unbeknownst to me at the time, in typical Charles Bradley fashion, he walked off the stage and took the time to hug as many people as he could, and in return he was embraced and loved by the entire crowd. It’s a uniquely emotional experience shooting live music and more unique still to shoot artists who give every ounce of themselves to the moment. It’s an honour to have had the opportunity to shoot one of his shows and witness first hand how powerful his performances were.

The world is so much brighter for having had you, your music and your love, Charles.

Rest easy, Screaming Eagle of Soul."

Print Size: 24x36

Framed: Yes

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