Cage The Elephant by Mike Highfield


Budweiser Stage, Toronto

August 2019

"Matt Schultz of Cage The Elephant has to be my favourite front man to shoot. Always energetic and eccentric. This shot was early in the set (of course) where he was still wearing all of the layers to his costume to which he stripped off as the set went on. As the set ended, he disappeared into the crowd wearing only his shorts and some KT tape. Security was panicking as they had no clue where he was. Matt ended up towards  the back of the seated area and crawled over seats, barriers, people to the edge of the lawn. Then, held up by the crowd he peeled off the final layers of tape while being serenaded to Queen's We Are The Champions with the Toronto skyline behind him. Always a memorable experience with Cage The Elephant."

16x20 Framed Image - $400.00

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