Cage The Elephant

Photographer: Cassandra Popescu Location: Wayhome Music & Arts Festival Date: July 28, 2017 "Wayhome was the first large-scale festival I ever got to shoot, so I was excited to return in 2017 for another weekend. Cage the Elephant was the highlight of the whole festival for me, and they allowed us to shoot a full 5 songs in the photo pit as opposed to the usual 3. The 5 songs proved to go by quickly. As a band, they're so dynamic that it was a blast to shoot their set. I love this image because it really captures the crowd's reaction to their energy. To be quite honest, I think I was in such an adrenaline-run daze and reeling off my own excitement I don't even remember getting this photo (I probably had to stand on the barricades just to capture it), but the reaction from the crowd reminds me why festival season is my absolute favourite." Print Size: 12x18 Framed: Yes

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