Bruce Cockburn


Photographer: Kevin LeDuc

Location: Maine State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Date: May 1994

"Early in the Dart to the Heart concert Bruce played a lengthy set of acoustic songs, including my favorite Bone In My Ear. Knowing the set list, and that Bruce would be seated, and be performing up front center stage I positioned myself directly in front, slightly to his right at one o’clock to capture a series of dramatic, emotional images. Ending the set Bruce moved to the rear of the stage to replace the Manzer with his Charvel electric guitar for If I Had A Rocket Launcher, making my position no longer advantageous, as he moved to the rear of stage I reposition toward back stage left, where I found a quiet and unobtrusive spot alongside the stage left curtains between Bruce and his drummer. After a verse or two, Bruce stepped away, back from the mic to play solo, as he settled, I stepped further forward out onto the stage allowing me the perspective I need to take this shot.

"Dart to the Heart"

“Some of those pieces I wrote on acoustic guitar, if I happen to be holding an electric guitar in my hand when I get an idea it'll probably end up on the record. A lot of the songs on Dart to the Heart were written in hotel rooms and dressing rooms on the last tour so they're written on acoustic guitar because that's what I had at the time. When I'm at home and I have my stuff all set-up and plugged in I might write more on the electric.”

Interview by James Jensen at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, circa Spring 1993."

Print Size: 20x24

Framed: Yes

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