Broken Social Scene


Photographer: Stephanie Luong

Location: PrettyUgly Bar in Toronto

Date: 2017

"I had the pleasure of being on set to see Kevin Drew direct a satire about a toilet making music, reaching for stardom and falling in love. This was a lot less clear on the day of the shoot though. At the time, Broken Social Scene's new record "Hug of Thunder" was still two months away from its release so the actual song was never played on set. Kevin Drew had about two dozen of extras donning black garbage bags and also scratching their heads, as the porcelain "star" and concept of the music video remained a mystery to them. Months later when the video was officially released, why there was dancing around a free-standing porcelain sink also made a lot more sense!"

Print Size: 12x18

Framed: Yes

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