Photographer: Hannah Jor

Location: The Danforth Music Hall

Date: April 24, 2017

"Bonobo's (Simon Green) Migration Tour was by far one of my favourite concerts I attended in 2017. His music is primarily enjoyed on headphones but his live performance was really something else. The concert was hauntingly beautiful and hypnotic and wasn’t like just watching a DJ play a set. Green was joined onstage by his 12 piece band which features string and brass sections as well as live drums and keys playing electronic music live. Szjerdene Mulcare who was the main vocalist for this tour brought a new soul-heavy feel to the show. With its upbeat and rhythmic music accompanied by dreamy landscape visuals and lighting, it gave the audience an immersive experience which transported you into a different world. It was no surprise that every show on the tour was sold-out."

Print Size: 13x19

Framed: Yes

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