Bob Dylan by Pete Post


Photographer: Pete Post

Location: Rolling Thunder Tour, Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens

Date: December 2, 1975

"During his Rolling Thunder Tour Dylan had a strict no cameras policy for members of the audience. I knew this but still headed to the concert with my camera. Remember in 1975 you couldn’t slip a 35mm camera into your jeans or t-shirt pocket. Although successful getting into the Gardens with it I was feeling a bit concerned that if caught I’d be tossed out or have my camera confiscated. The pictures had to be taken without flash and with great discretion to limit the chance of getting caught. I’d take a single picture at a time and conceal the camera in between photos. Despite the tactics required I managed to get some good pictures including this one that was taken during Dylan’s acoustic set which included Mister Tambourine Man, Oh Sister, and Tangled Up in Blue. Dylan has provided various reasons for the white face during this tour. In typical Dylan fashion he is not easily pinned down. His responses have ranged from wanting the audience not see his face but to hear his words to wanting the audience in the back to be able to see his face."

Print Size: 16x20

Framed: Yes

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