Aerosmith by David McDonald


"This was exciting, being able to shoot one of the bands that I grew up listening to.  It was also my second large venue shoot and my first from the soundboard so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew that the lenses that I had weren’t up to the task at that distance.   So, I went into this assuming that I’d have amazing close-ups, given a 400mm rented lens.  Call time came and we were marched to the soundboard and allowed to set up.  I was surprised to find that even with the rented lens I could still only achieve a full body shot, causing more than a little disappointment…  Oh well, decided to see what I’d get.  The show started, the lights came up, the stage became shrouded in fog and Joe Perry elevates into the middle of stage.  Amazing entry!  Framed by fog, backdropped by the crowd and joined by Steven Tyler in the center it was the perfect shot.  This was one of the first shows that demonstrated to me that with concert photography, its as much dumb luck in having your camera pointed at the right location at the right moment in time, as it is in being able to frame an image at the appropriate shutter speed and aperture.  Thanks guys!"

20x24 Framed Image - $600.00

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