Amy Winehouse - Framed 18x24 Image

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Photographer: Ronda Benjamin

Location: The Mod Club, Toronto, ON

Date: May 13, 2007

"Having recently watched the Amy Winehouse documentary, I had a new perspective when looking at this shot that I took back in May of 2007 at the Mod Club. It makes me sad to think of the things that might have been done differently to make sure this talented artist was still with us. This was my first and only time seeing her play live.There was definitely a lot of buzz around her at this time. A work friend had turned me on to her a couple of years prior when she was still a healthy, fresh-faced kid. I wasn't sure what kind of performance she would give as she was, at this stage of the game, having her troubles, but it was a really good performance. She often looked off into the distance and up into the balcony in search of her Dad and her partner at the time, Blake, but she was otherwise fairly engaged with the crowd and she sounded great! Another artist gone far too soon."

Print Size: 18x24

Framed: Yes

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